TimeXpress Software

by Crown Security Products

Upload Employees to Device

Upload Company Employees to Device

This method assume employees are already created, if need help adding employees check this page: Add Employee

To start this process select Device Management tab, and then click on Device Settings button.

Wend form loads, Upload Employees to Device is by default the first option, this option will be ready to start working, select from the list of devices the device to receive employees, then on the employee list select the employees to upload to device, also there is a [Select All] button to mark all employees on list.

After this steps and with the employees selected, the [Upload Employees] button will become enable, click on it to start the process, TimeXpress will present a result dialog form presenting the result of the process.

Selected device now will contain the selected employees, in case you put the employee name under First Name employee column, wend employee do a clock In or clock Out on device, device will present the employee name on display.

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