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TimeXpress 5 Custom Period

TimeXpress 5 got a special custom period method, here will be explained the way it works and how to setup this setting.

How it works

TimeXpress period run by year, this custom method allow to set a complete year on custom dates. Lets say that the start day is set to be January 1, then the custom period will ask for all the next end and start periods until reach December 31 to close the cycle.

This function is absolutely free on the way to chose your period, TimeXpress will then follow that pattern for all new years, so keep that in mind wend creating the rule.

Is possible to edit the rule by selecting all the dates again, for cases where you find a period conflict.

Setting up the Custom Period

Under Company Information select the Beginning of current pay period date, that will be the start day for the custom period to start with.

Custom Period Start

Once selected the start date then select Custom from the Term Drop Down Control, that will also enable the Custom Period Settings button.

Press the Custom Period Settings button to launch the Custom Period Wizard form, the form will got 2 preselected dates, that dates represent the complete year, all dates that will be selected will go between this two dates, in other words, need to select the end period for the start day, and then the next start day for the next custom period.
The custom period never will be incomplete since based on each selection, the wizard with see as the custom period to use.
For an example, let say January 1 was selected as the start day, then if January 15 is set as the end day for the first period, the range will be starting on January 1 to January 15 and December 31.

To continue then select the next start day and end day as the custom period will run, and keep the process until reach the last period, where only can be selected the start day for the period that will end on December 31.

Complete the process on the wizard, then TimeXpress will change the period to reflect the period that belong to current day, then each period will move based on the selection of period selected on the wizard form.

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