TimeXpress Software

by Crown Security Products

Share Access Databases

You should put the databases on a Server for maximum control and security.

Wend TimeXpress get installed, will include a set of Access Databases to manage application locally, that same set of databases, can be moved to a shared location, that way others PC can use same databases and data will be synchronized.

By default TimeXpress point to be installed on [ C:\TimeXpress ] folder, but depending on user selection while installing, could be on other location.
If TimeXpress is not installed on default location, then right click desktop icon and select open file location. Open database folder and copy all files there.

In case no Server available, select one PC to act as a Server, that PC needs to be running while others try to use TimeXpress.

Paste copied databases on the Server folder to be shared, then set the folder to be share and set the users to be able Read/Write.

On same Server go to Network, and select the folder where databases are located, after that select the address bar and note the address. That address will be needed to set on others PC, to connect on new databases location folder.

Now go to each PC with TimeXpress and change the database location to the new Network Shared Location.
Open TimeXpress select the Menu Tab, then the Options Tab, and then the Change Network Path button.

This will launch the [Database Configuration] form, select Next to start the process. Process will present two option for the connection method, /Access /SQL. On this example we use Access, select Access Database and click next, Now form will ask for the address, select the […] button on the form and navigate until you reach the network location, just need to select the folder.

TimeXpress will check connection and structure of databases, if all ok will enable the buttons, select Next to continue, application will set all for new connection, click finish, app will ask to restart application to put in effect the new database path, select Yes to restart TimeXpress, that will conclude the process, repeat same process on others PC.
Wend you launch TimeXpress after this change on the main form at the bottom will be an Access icon, put your mouse over it to reveal active database location connection.

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