TimeXpress Software

by Crown Security Products


To set security for TimeXpress select the Settings Tab and then press the Security Settings button.

The first user will be always the Master Admin, with all the privilege’s, this user cannot be removed unless all other users get removed first.

To create your first user click on the [New User] button, note that for this user will be no option available to select, this first user will be the Master Admin on the Application across all PC’s using same database.
Enter the user name and the user password, then click on [Save User] button, application will present a successful message with a warning, the warning is to alert that need to be restarted to apply the new security setting.

At this point you can create more users, or restart application to apply the security. In the event application get started from other PC after the new user is created, even without the used PC been restarted, TimeXpress will ask for the credentials to start using application.


Creating Admins

To create more admins simply press the [New User] button, then select the [Select All] button under the options, if you will allow this new admin to manage all departments on your organization, also select the [Select All] button under the departments to manage area, otherwise select the department or departments to manage, enter the user name and password, then click [Save User].

Any user with all privilege’s selected will be consider an admin, even if only got one department selected.
Any user with at least one privilege’s not selected will be considered an user.
Admins can enter on the Security Settings and do changes to users or other admin.

Creating Users

To create users, simply click on the [New User] button, submit an User Name and a Password for this new user, then select the options that this new user will be able to do. If plan to restrict to an specific department, then select the department from the list. Wend complete this process save the user by pressing the [Save User] button.

There are no limit on the amount of security users that can be created.
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