TimeXpress Software

by Crown Security Products

Programed Backup

This is one of many options available to create a backup, this sample will cover using TimeXpress internal Code, we recommend the use of a server for this.


To set an automatic Backup of your databases, select the Device Management tab, and there click the Scheduled Data Control Button.

Look on the right top corner, for the Create New Schedule area. To create a new Schedule a name is needed, supply a name for this task, use a name that will help you know the work will be done, like [Backup Files].
From the drop down list select [Backup Databases], that will enable the control to select the path to store the backup file. On the Path to Store Backup, select a location where the backup will be stored.
Then select the start schedule time from the control.

The schedule could run on different occasions, like every day, just from Monday to Friday, of just every Monday each week, TimeXpress offers 2 options, Daily and Weekly, select the best option for your company.

After the Schedule is created, you will see it on the Schedule List Control.

The list contains the scheduled task to run on the company, note that some function will run on one PC while others on other PC, is possible to change the PC that will run the task, for that the PC that will run the task need to have TimeXpress installed, then select the task that will be assigned with the mouse right button, and select [Assign to Me]

The PC that will run any task created here, need to be ON by the time the task need to run, on this example the backup will run on Mondays at 10:00 PM, so PC must be ON and running TimeXpress for the task to complete every Monday all day, or around the task time, with time to let PC complete the task.

TimeXpress present a report area, where is possible to analyze if the task run, and see if was all ok, of something prevent the task for running. That report will help see if any issue is present and fix the cause to let the task run.

With this process running, and continuing with the example, each Monday databases will be backup on the selected location, making sure your data will have a recovery possibility.

The Backup process will store the complete data of the software, all companies created “if more than one” will be backup, there is no need to do this process for each company.

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