TimeXpress Software

by Crown Security Products


TimeXpress allow create a large number of companies, this is ideal for companies that got divisions, multiple locations, or international presence.

Each company acts as independent from others, and each one can have different settings, making easy to manage all companies from one application.

To create companies just need to follow the same steps to create the first company [Create a Company], under /Start Menu/Company Settings/ you will see your first company if already created, at the bottom there is a [Add Company] button that will allow create another company.

Each company created will be presented on a form at application start, to allow select the one to work, also wend complete working with a company, can go to /Start Menu/Company Settings/ and select the next company to work, from the drop down list and select load, that will close current company and load the new company selected.

If the company to be loaded got security settings applied the Login form will appear to accept the credentials and complete the load of the company.

Under /Start Menu/Options/ will be a grid dedicated to present all the companies created with there assigned ID, also there is possible to manage the companies not needed by selecting the company and pressing [Remove Selected] button.

A loaded company cannot be removed.

Wend a company is loaded, any changes made to users, departments, etc. are stored under that company.

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