TimeXpress Software

by Crown Security Products

Manage Departments

Assign Employees to a Department from the Department Form.

The employees grid present columns based on employees name format selected on company settings, the first one is the employee company id assigned, the next columns will present the employee name as the company format selected.

The last 2 columns are the relevant to change an employee from one department to other or none. The Department column present the actual department assigned to an employee.

The “Change Department” column will present a drop down list with all departments created on loaded company, and will also include the [ None ] word, in case you need to remove an employee from any department.

The word [ None ] is restricted on this form, so no other department could use that name, and also could not be removed from list.


To assign an employee to a department, simply select the employee row on last column and the drop down list will display, then select the department to assign to the selected employee.

Once a department is selected from the drop down list, will be the default selection, that way you just need to keep selecting more employees and will be assigned to the selected department.

With the first change done the Apply Changes button will become enabled, after completing the changes press the Apply Changes button to save the changes, the department form will immediately present the changes saved.

Remove a Depatment

Select the department to remove from the department list, then press the [ Remove Department ] button.

To be able to remove a department, the selected department must be unused.


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