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Load Menu on a Touch Screen

In case TimeXpress is installed on a laptop or a Microsoft Surface device with Touch Screen support, to load a menu using a Touch Screen Pen of a Finger, simple select the grid or list, then gently keep the Touch Screen Pen or the finger pressed for a second, that will load the menu.

TimeXpress provides touch support. The functionality is built on top of our Touch Manager framework which provides the needed extensibility and the ability for each of the specific controls in the application to support only the needed for it gestures.


Touch gestures describe gestures in which you use a finger or stylus to a movement over a control or object on the screen. These are the commonly supported ones for the application:

SwipeThe user presses and holds on the screen and then drags the finger / stylus in any direction.
PinchThe user touches the screen with two (or more) fingers and moves them inwards or outwards.
TabThe user touches the screen.
Tab and MoveThe user presses and holds the screen for a short period of time (between 600ms and 800ms) and drags his finger / stylus in any direction.
Tap and HoldThe user presses and holds the screen for a short period of time (more than 800ms).

Below are listed some controls and their basic behavior with the most common gestures:

CalendarNext/PreviousSematic zoom
(only outwards)
Combo BoxScroll Drop DownClick
List BoxScroll with inertiaClick
Texts Form ControlScrollZoomClick (move caret to position)
My Report FormScrollZoomClick
ScheduleHorizontally – Previous/Next; Vertically – ScrollTimeline – Zoom, others – switching the viewsClick/Selection
Tree ListScrollClick
Tree ViewScroll with InertiaClick/Selection/Expand

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