TimeXpress Software

by Crown Security Products

Employee Payment

From Overtime Settings Form

On the overtime settings form, you can find a grid with all the employees on your loaded company, there is simple to assign or change assigned payment rule. The grid columns identify the values on each column, the last column is the one in charge to assign a department to any selected employee.

To assign a new payment rule, or change already assigned payment rule to any employee just select the New OT Rule to Apply column and select from the drop down list the new payment rule to assign.
To apply the changes click the save settings button, the grid will populate with the new values.

From the Manage Employee Form

On the Manage Employee Form, to assign or change the payment rule for an employee follow this steps, select the employee to do the changes, then select the Company Profile tab, there under Scheduling Options is located a drop down list control with all the payments rule under the selected company, select from the list the new rule to assign to the employee.

In the event that the employee do not requiere a schedule, the applied rule will be the rule used for all the shift of the employee, for cases where the employee requieres schedules then under the schedule created for the employee will contain the payment rule for that schedule, and that will be the rule used to calculate time, regardless of the rule applied here.

To save the changes press the Save Changes button.

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