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Company Schedules

A schedule is a plan that gives a list of events or tasks and the times at which each one should happen or be done.

On the Company Schedules form, you can find a series of control to allow do a selection to create a series of shift for your employees.

The name is required to generate a company schedule, then need to select the start and end time for this schedule. The next step will be to select the days the schedule will be applied.

Since a Company Schedule can be applied by day or by recurrence, keep in mind that if you select an employee and assign any company schedule on one day directly, the schedule will be applied event if the schedule do not have that day selected.

From the drop down list of Pre Set payments, select the rule to assign to this schedule.
If you plan to assign this schedule for long time period, like for example for a complete month, then select the recurrence check box, to select the range this schedule will be applied.

If recurrence is selected, then the amount and period options will become enabled;

Select the range needed for this schedule.

In case you use QuickBooks as your payroll provider, you can enter the settings needed on this form, then wend applied to an employee this settings will be passed to the shift.

Click the save button to store the changes, you can create unlimited Company Schedules.

How to apply a Company Schedule

On the Create or Manage Shift form, select the employee or employees to assign the Company Schedule, then go to the day or start day desire to apply the Company Schedule, on the start day right click with the mouse to bring out the list of options to apply.

Select the Company Schedule rule to apply, keep in mind that since is possible to create an enormous number of Company Schedules, you may need to navigate to find the one desire.

If the Company Schedule rule to apply got a recurrence settings, the process will generate all the shift on the click.

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