TimeXpress Software

by Crown Security Products

Add new department

Departments are optional and should only be used if you wish to run reports by filtering employees in a specific department. If you don’t have any department structure, or you don’t want to categorize your employees by departments, you may skip this step.


To create a new department, navigate using any of this 2 options.

On the lower right corner is located the create a new department function, only 2 values are needed to create a new department, the name of the department and a numeric code.

To create a new department, enter the name for the new department and the numeric code, after that select the create department button to add the new department.

The new department will be added to the department list immediately, and will be available to assign to employee.


The left column displays a list of your current employees, along with the department they are assigned to.

The right column displays a list of all the departments created for your company.

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