TimeXpress Software

by Crown Security Products

Add Employee

To add an employee to your software, you can add it directly, download from device or import from a file.

To add employee directly into software, simply select Manage Employee under Employee Control Tab, or select Manage Employee from the main screen menu. On the Manage Employees form select (New Information) button, the required information is the employee name and the company number.

Some values could not be repeated like the company number, the ID on device and the Card number assigned, that 3 values need to be unique for each employee. This values can be edited if needed.

The Card information is not required, in case employee don’t have a card assigned, leave value as “0”, that’s the only number can be used for non card employees and will be accepted without warnings.

The remaining information is optional, some information will have a default value assigned in case no other information provided. To complete the process click on the (Save Changes) button.

To add employee from a device, go to [Device Management] tab and select Device Settings button. Select your device from the list of available devices, then select [Download or Remove Employee on Device] tab. Press the Load Device/s Information button, to bring all the employees loaded on the device.

Select the “Select All” button to collect all employees on device or go to the grid an under the Select to work column make the selections for the employees to add into the application. Download Employees button will become enable after a selection is made, press it to collect the selected employees.

To add employee from a file, go to the Manage Employee form and on the right top corner, will be two main option, select Imp/Exp Employees.

Select one of the 3 import options. For the Import Employees from an Att2003.mdb file and for Import Employees from Device File, just need to select where the file is located, the application will do the rest and present a message at the end presenting the result. For the Import Employees from a CSV File an Import Employees Wizard form will load, to help you transfer the information on the file to the application.

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