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TimeXpress is a complete Time and Attendance software solution. The intuitive and user friendly interface makes it easy to configure specific company settings and company payroll rules and policies. TimeXpress can save your business time in avoiding redundant or incorrect data entries by utilizing its Import and Export features. The TimeXpress Software gives you the ability to manage multiple time clocks in multiple locations, facilities, campuses, or time zones. Adding one of the many Anviz Time and Attendance devices, make this the most complete Time and Attendance Solutions available today.

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Beautiful Themes

With a variety of themes, it is easy to find one that will make you feel comfortable.

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New Ideas

We keep adding new functions and settings to keep our software at the forefront.


Choose from a variety of many reports that go from basic to a custom level.

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Delightful Design

Find easy to use navigation, support for touch screen and more.

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